We are now stepping into a New Year and the energy will not only be fast, it will be purposeful for those who are aligned to its energy and their own. How can we align if we have no clear idea what the energy will bring? It’s about being connected to self on deep levels.

Here are 3 tips to help you to do that.

1. Focus on your dream. No matter how far away it might seem, the more you focus on it the more you bring it into your energy field. This is not about “If you build it they will come”. It’s about becoming so used to seeing yourself being or doing what is in your dream that you release your doubts without having to focus on them or fight them. You become accustomed and it becomes a matter of fact, not emotion.

2 Watch out for opportunities, especially the unexpected. If you are aligned then the Universe or your guidance will always bring you opportunities to live your dream. About 6 months ago I commented that I wanted to focus on writing. one month later we were invited to the October Book Fair where I was immersed in people who were authors, agents and publishers. I learned so much! I would never have thought to go there. when it came to me I recognised the opportunity and said yes.

3. Say yes to everything! If you practise this you begin to step into acceptance not fear. Then the opportunities which are for you will manifest and those which are not will slip away. I am not asking you to work at making all you agree to work. You say yes and then allow events to unfold. Don’t try to make them, or push things along. When you do that your personality is taking control and your guidance and the universe will step back again. As the song says, Let it Be.

I wish you all you dream of, the opportunities to see the dream and the willingness to allow it to unfold for the highest good of all.