3 Ways to be Openhearted

people coming together openheartedThis month, we’re talking about being open hearted. And this blog’s offering three ways that we can all do that. And it’s not difficult really.

The first way is for us to be awake to the people around us. In other words, pay attention. Notice if they’re looking upbeat or if they’re not. Because that will tell you that perhaps there’s something going on, that you could assist with. It also means that you begin to care where other people are as you go about your journey.

Secondly, be alert to the unspoken messages or feelings. It’s a bit more than the clues that we get from body language. This is about listening to the tone of voice that someone’s using. It’s quite easy to miss cues like that. You know, you’ll say to someone, Hi, how are you? And they’ll say fine, or great or Okay. Often though, what they’re saying and how they sound in saying it is very different. So be alert to the unspoken in either their tone or how you feel with what they’re saying.

And the third one is to be aware that the reason you’ve bumped into that person or connected to that person may have a purpose that you were not aware of. Be aware that the fact that you are there, at that moment for that person, may mean that even in casual conversation, you are sharing a message, of which you are unaware. Sounds a bit complicated, but we’re all there for each other. And it’s surprising how often someone will say it was only when so and so said this, that I realised where I was. So be available. Hope that helps.