Last week I spoke about clearing the decks in the Facebook live in in our post. This week I want to share about how to dig for gold. We all have gold within us based on our experiences in life, not just what school has taught us. In fact, schooling gave us information. Life gave us nuggets.

How do we dig for them? If our decks are clear then we are also seeing ourselves more clearly. Here are three ways to dig for gold

  1. Step out of any false humility. Look yourself squarely in the eye and be clear about what you can do and the things which come naturally to you.
  2. What is your biggest self doubt? Once you recognize it, turn it over and see the strength hidden within it. Your doubt is now your strength. It just needs practice.
  3. Ask your self what you would do if there were no restrictions. Answering that gives you the means within to make it happen.
  4. Look at your dreams. They are not simply fancies. They are your Soul waking you up to the potential you have within if you only listen and try.

How many nuggets do you have within?