about helen

I am a mentor and certified workplace trainer and assessor with 30+ years working in the field of personal development, leadership and mentoring. Over the years I have worked with thousands of people to assist their journey and am now offering this new programme series to those who wish to let go of old habits that defeat and claim new habits that empower.

Over the years I have worked in the US, the UK, Dubai, Hong Kong and Japan and my clients are truly world wide. This has enabled me to understand a wide variety of people and customs and to be present to the needs of each individual.

I developed the Essential Archetypes™ some time ago to enable me to truly grasp my clients’ individualities and use it to assist them to do the same. I now include this tool in the programmes as they offer a unique method of self recognition without judgement.

There are other archetype programmes being offered and all provide insights. This one is life changing, as my clients will tell you.

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