Here we begin the 2022 year of mentoring with the 2021 November 10th meeting.
Meetings will be held monthly and any homework offered will be due within 3 weeks of the meeting to allow me time to check it out.
All meeting recordings and resources will be hosted on this page.

November meeting.

The programme has now changed as a result of a lack or preparedness and we will be revisiting your roles as mentors and the archetypes moving forward.

Video: Part 1
Video: Part 2

Audio: Part 1
Audio: Part 2

December meeting

We discussed the idea of promoting you all on the Insight Teachings website. You would decide the price you were all offering and I would set it up. There would need to be a 2 minute video of each of you provided including your image and bio piece.

Meeting list and topics. All meetings throughout the year will be on the second Wednesday of the month and start at 8 pm on zoom.

Webinar 1

How to come across as someone trustworthy who clients can’t wait to work with.

April meeting will be 2 hours and is the webinar

Webinar 2

How to develop your Soul Gifts

October meeting will be 2 hours and is the webinar

January Meeting

January 12th – 8.00 pm   Zoom Link   Password 
Topic. What constitutes a clear and open session? Which Archetype is at play?
Audio: mp3

Video: video recordings etc

February Meeting

February 9th – 8.00 pm Zoom Link  Password 
Topic: How to hold yourself accountable. Which archetype does this?
Audio: mp3

Video: Vimeo

March Meeting

March 9th – 8.00 pm Zoom Link Password
Topic: How to recognise the manipulator? Which archetype loves this?

I deleted the audio by mistake!

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