Welcome to John’s new home!

At John’s request, we have combined the Insight Teachings work with the John the Beloved work.

He is still available as you can see here. However his work is changing and this merge reflects that. As a result we have archived his site and are focusing his presence here.

If you have any comments, then please contact us to share your thoughts and ideas. We are always open to constructive ideas and criticism.

If you want to receive his newsletter then please return to the home page to do so.

Evening with John in June

Each quarter on the Equinox and the Solstice John will hold an open meeting where he will discuss events and how they connect spiritually and take questions from those attending. If you cannot attend live, you can still email us a question and he will address it. These events will be recorded.

Date: June 21st. The option to join closes at midnight NZ time Sunday 20th June

Fee $20 NZD. The option to join is now closed. Please let us know here if you are interested in the September meeting

Group Sessions with John

Once each month we open up a slot for any small group who wishes to talk to John.

These group sessions can be for up to 10 people and are for those who may not want a full session but have a couple of questions and are willing to ask them within group of friends. We do not create groups for this. You select those you wish to join you and have a little fun. It can be as serious or a playful as you wish.

John’s Ebooks

2021 is about building our spiritual link and anchoring what we came to be.

John has created  a couple of ebooks to help people on their spiritual path through access to his wisdom. Once we have converted them they will be available for sale here.

We will offer each complete year of talks in E book format, which can be purchased in our shop here. We’ll be letting you know as and when each title is released through our newsletter

Monthly Spiritual Guidance

Would you like step by step assistance in being all you can be?

Through John’s teaching each month we have an opportunity to do just that. Each monthly talk is rich with information, understanding, tools and techniques to assist our journey.

You might prefer the monthly subscription option giving access each month through the Exploring Intuitive Pathways membership site.

Monthly Live JTB Discussions

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