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Lighting the Path

Lighting The Path

Lighting The Path When we’re the reason someone believes in the goodness of people, as the Buddha says, then we light the path not just

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What’s My Security?

What’s My Security? Last month, we looked at what’s my worth? And this month? The question is where’s my security? Or what’s my security, however

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What's my worth?

What’s my worth?

As we step into 2023, I’d like to start the year with a question that I’d like you all to ask yourselves. What’s my worth?
I phrased this as a question in this way because what I’m seeing is so many people who value themselves on the surface because of what their possessions say they are. I phrased that differently too. What’s my worth isn’t about how much you have in the bank.

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Preparing for 2023

Preparing for 2023 December 2022, and the end of another year. This is a good time for us all to be able to step back,

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The Magical Child

The Magical Child We spend so much time looking at what’s wrong with us, how to fix what’s broken, how to excuse justify, or blame,

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people coming together openhearted

3 Ways to be openhearted

3 Ways to be Openhearted This month, we’re talking about being open hearted. And this blog’s offering three ways that we can all do that.

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