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Working with Inspiration

Working with Inspiration This month we’re continuing with the theme of Inspiration which may not necessarily be inspiring people! However, it’s important for us at

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AAA Review for 2023

AAA Review for 2023 Are you looking behind you with regret or looking ahead to what can be achieved? We’re coming to the end of

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Inspiring Self & Others

Inspiring Self & Others Last month, we spoke about when bad things happen, and what we do about it. Because life is about opportunity and

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When Bad Things Happen

When Bad Things Happen This month we’re talking about when bad things happen. We’ve talked about ascending the mountain and shining our Light. We’ve talked

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Shining Our Light

Shining Our Light This month we’re talking about Shining our Light. We’ve climbed the mountain; we’ve had a look at the view. What do we

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Self-Acceptance This month we’re talking about self-acceptance, which is very different to self love, self belief, self esteem. They’re all parts of a puzzle. Self-acceptance,

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