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Expectations or Influences?

Last month we looked at expectations – our own and those of others. We also looked at Soul expectations and Soul Mastery. Beneath these expectations

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Expectations of our Soul

How often do we consider the expectations of our Soul? After all, positive expectations are dreams that inspire us to reach for the brass ring.

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This month we are looking at expectations because on the Soul Mastery Retreat we discovered the participants had some interesting expectations! This week it’s about

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What is community?

One meaning is the sharing or having certain attitudes or interests in common. In other words, it’s about acceptance based on how we think or

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Us or Them?

The desire to prove we’re good enough, capable enough or spiritual enough can cause so much trouble. If we have to prove it then we

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Comparisons are odious!

This one is very easy to fall into. There are times when we all compare ourselves badly to another. We feel insufficient or inadequate to

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