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Aspiring to YES

Above the temple at Delphi was inscribed “Know Thyself”. Knowing ourselves requires us to say yes to exploring what lies within and how we can

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Planning for expansion

When we’re reaching for the stars it helps to feel we have a solid foundation so we don’t overbalance. It’s always so much easier to

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Stepping forward

The energy of 2019 was challenging both at a personal and global level. All manner of things that had been floating in the background came

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It’s not so easy to step out and begin again – and the older we are the more we question. However, spiritually we’re all like

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Aspects of change

Change is often challenging unless we embrace it’s potential rather than fear it. Life is getting more and more busy. Stress levels are on the rise

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Beginning again

In 1992, we were guided by spirit to move to Australia. My first response was resistance. After all, we’d done it once before when we left

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