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IT – Plan and Organize

Having realized, and imagined, the next step with regard to our potential is to plan, is to actually look at actions we can take, things we can organize, that will enable

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IT – A New Me

If you feel that now you’re ready to be more confident and grow beyond your uncertainties, consider how you would like to enjoy your life more. What path

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IT – Who Am I?

We’ve all had to manage our family, our time and our inner well-being. We don’t usually find everyone in the same boat at the same

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Being Safe

This is the biggest block to creating a new reality. Safety means holding onto things, property, cars, money, possessions. The fear is that we might

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Making Assumptions

One of the worst ways to sustain an outdated mindset is to make assumptions. If we are to create something new, then we need to

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