What do I mean by this question?

Being a bad influence is not about doing things illegally or teaching others to break the law etc. I’m talking about those who only see the worst in a person or situation and cannot resist putting them down. The person who is not happy, not feeling safe, is jealous or just plain mean. They tend to believe that they have no influence so it matters not what they say because no-one listens anyway.

Frequency and vibration are operating at all times. This type of person wears his/her energy like an armour and it influences the energies of those around them even if they are silent. Being in the same place can feel limiting and restricting. Reacting to it can lead to others feeling they are not good people. This person is often afraid, lonely or truly unhappy. They deserve compassion and kindness from us. However, trying to change their energy is a waste of time. Their armour is so strong that only they can break through it.

Use any connection to offer a smile or a greeting even if nothing pleasant comes back to you. After all, you are already so much better off than he or she is since your life is not influenced by their pain. We all have choices and some are easier than others.

What choices are you making? Where might your glass be half empty and need filling? How can you help another fill their glass?