Do you hide at the back?
Do you wait to be asked?
Do you step forward?

When I first began my spiritual journey I hid at the back because I had no self belief. Others let me do so thinking they were being kind when it simple kept me in that space.
As I began to believe in myself I let it be known I was willing but I waited to be asked believing that was the polite thing to do. After all, others were probably better suited to whatever it was, weren’t they?
Gradually I realized that I did not need ot wait. That if I wanted to step forward all I had to do was move my feet. The sense of freedom and self confidence that gave when I did so and people responded empowered my journey so much.
Where do you stand? Are you happy to be at the back following others? Perhaps on the fence waiting to be asked? Or a leader willing to show the way?

Wherever you stand, is that a habit you don’t see? Or is it the real you?