Living purposefully begins with our relationships, first of all to ourselves, secondly to our family and friends, next to our colleagues, and acquaintances. And, last but not least, to our planet. Welcome to 2022, which we all hoped would see, have seen the end of the pandemic.

If you took the opportunity last month, to look ahead into 2022, you may already feel that you’ve realigned your relationship with yourself, or the important relationships in your life. If you did the vision quest, you may have a clearer understanding of who you’re becoming, even if it may not seem that the you you’re going to meet is you.

This month, it’s about looking at your relationship with yourself from the perspective of how you choose to see events happening to you, and how you want to interact. For example, we can look at, the pandemic and complain about lack of travel lack of socialising, lack of work opportunities. Or we can look at this and say that we now have an opportunity to address the things that we were always going to do “one day”.

One day has now arrived. It’s time for all of us to choose how we see what life offers us. Are we going to be purposeful in addressing it? Or are we going to bemoan our fate? Living purposefully begins with choosing to interact and to take action, not sit and wait for life to happen to us.

Once we look at our relationship with ourselves, looking at how we choose for others to see us, is another, purposeful thing to do. Often, we’re oblivious to how we come across to other people. And so sometimes we do not have an awareness of the impact of who we are on the people around us. Look at your relationships from the perspective of how connected are you to the people with whom you interact? Is it possible that just as you take yourself for granted in certain ways, you may be doing the same to those you care about and for?