financial alignmentBeing financially aligned is a significant aspect of living purposefully.

When we have plenty of money, it’s easy to feel secure, perhaps even to take things for granted and assume what’s happening today is easily sustainable. The pandemic and the outcomes that we all experienced as a consequence of the pandemic have shown us differently. For some, their secure lifestyle came to an abrupt end. For others, it was severely limited. And so, that can interfere with our sense of purpose.

When we’re challenged, it can be really difficult to feel that we’re on purpose. And especially when it’s around money, because money is an indirect reflection of our value. This month, a lot of people will feel sensitive to their value. There may be financial challenges. There’ll certainly be questions that each of us will need to answer around how secure we feel, how comfortable we feel.

But the other aspect to this is the fact that we have an opportunity to decide how we want to proceed. If all choice has been taken away and you do not have a livelihood, then you have an opportunity to look at how you might want to create a different reality. You have an opportunity to consider all of the things that you said you would do ‘one day’. One day has come so, what are you doing with the “one day” at a material financial level?

If you can look at this as a means to an end, not the ending of everything. it’ll give you the perspective that will help you to aspire, to reach for something that you might have been too afraid to reach for in the past.
Take some time to dream how you want your life to be. You might surprise yourself!