So far we have explored what each of these are and their potential values. How does that work if you are not sure where you fit within them? What if you feel that you are none of them, neither beach, forest or mountain. You may feel that as a spiritual person you are above them or that you aren’t someone who fits a mould. Either of which puts you into one or other of the above. You may feel that you are all of them. Look a little more closely and you might be surprised what begins to shine through.

However there is one other possibility and that is that you are so focussed on why you are here and fulfilling your purpose that you have stopped seeing yourself. Let’s look at how they operate in relationships.

Beach people are seasonal, which means that their relationships may be lots of fun and full of warmth and yet may not last if they don’t allow themselves to change with the seasons.

Forest people are there for a reason. They have a purpose for being there and if they don’t allow themselves to explore the diversity of their purpose then the path will meander and finally disappear. The relationship will have served its purpose they tell themselves.

Mountain people are there for a lifetime. They will hold on through thick and thin, literally being a rock to the very end. Of course if the ground becomes too shaky then there could be an avalanche and its all over. In other words all of them have their strengths and drawbacks with none being better than the other. We need variety for our world to grow. If you are a mountain person the forest may help you in your purpose or swallow you whole. The beach may soothe and energize or it may leave you flooded and undermined. The forest may be supported by the mountain or afraid of its avalanches. It may feel cooled by the beach or swamped by the encroaching sand. The beach may feel strengthened by the mountain or destroyed by its falling rocks. It may feel sheltered by the forest or choked by too much growth.

Look at what you are seeking and then look at what that shows about who you are. We all have some of each and yet we are one more than another. It takes courage to look within and wisdom to recognize without judgement what lies at our core. When we are willing to do so then we are ready to serve those around us with compassion and love.

Next week we will be offering a tip each day to help you to clarify