When we’re open to the now, we allow ourselves to enjoy every moment. We choose not to live in the past – and fear making mistakes. We choose not to live in the future – and worry about what might not happen. When things change without warning, it’s a signal that an opportunity is opening up for us for which we had not anticipated or planned. At that point we can freeze, push against it, or look for the gold within it.

We are being offered such a moment now and despite the fear and concern, it offers us much if we can step into it and not the fear. So much creativity is being demonstrated. So many people reaching out to friends and strangers. It seems our world is offering us the opportunity to become a family again.
Being open to all that life is offering in this moment, whilst accepting that it might surprise us, is how to live a successful life.
We still make our plans and move forward. Nevertheless, we allow for spontaneity and change to show us a different or more fulfilling path than we might have imagined.