So often I see clients who are very capable, often dynamic people bring themselves to a screaming halt at the point of truly claiming their purpose.
Why? Because they step into their house of doubt. We all have one of these.

This is a place we invested in at an early age. It was the very first investment property we ever owned and we bought it by questioning our value and coming up short. The moment we first began to doubt based on another person’s perception we paid the deposit on this house. Each time we allowed others to make us less we paid another installment until we totally owned our inability to feel confident of our purpose. If you were approached to invest in a property that was going to make you a loss at the least or totally lose you your investment at worst, would you purchase that property?

Of course not – or I hope of course not!

So why do you invest your time and effort living with doubt when you could focus on all you do well and how that helps you to live your purpose? Our purpose can never be lived from our doubt. It can only be lived from our joy. Therefore my suggestion is to sell your house of doubt and invest in your house of joy. When you learn to harness your inner critic as we do in the Essential You Know your Purpose then you learn to live in the joy of who you are and all that is possible to you.