It was on the latest retreat that I realized how misleading the title Soul Mastery actually is. One of the participants spoke about the Soul falling into alignment with the personality.

Soul Mastery is actually the opposite. It’s about the Soul mastering the chaos of our emotions and thoughts, not the chaos mastering the Soul. As the intermediary between our personality and Higher Self, it knows our bigger picture. We often only know what we hope that bigger picture might be or that we can aspire towards achieving. If you doubt the chaos, then try holding one thought for 5 minutes. Unless you have been training your mind to do this you will find after a few seconds you are already thinking of something else. It’s exactly the same with our emotions.

Therefore it’s quite funny to realize that we think that:

1. Our Soul needs our help

2. We incarnated to master our Soul, not our Soul master our personality

3. We know best and our Soul needs to listen

4. Once we gain mastery life becomes easier

What are your expectations of Soul Mastery?