This month we are looking at expectations because on the Soul Mastery Retreat we discovered the participants had some interesting expectations! This week it’s about the expectations we hold of self. We’re often unaware of the expectations we hold about ourselves. Who we should be and what we should achieve are running things from the back of our mind and often a surprise when we see them.

What are your expectations of self? Being aware of these can ensure you’re always awake to what is occurring for you and around you.

We behave ourselves much better when there is someone we wish to please or impress.

We work harder when we want to do well for self or others.

We will always aim as high as possible when we are seeking success or a particular goal. The idea is that the more we do, the better our chances of success.

In these cases having realistic expectations of ourselves can inspire us to reach higher. The keyword of course being realistic expectations!

List your expectations of self – and then have a good laugh!