Do you look to others for inspiration?
Are you allowing your intuition to inspire you?
How much do you inspire others?

We often look outside of ourselves for inspiration and I feel it’s because we don’t necessarily see ourselves as inspiration. The truth is that we are often very inspirational to others but it always seems more difficult to inspire ourselves.
When we are looking for that spark, it is easier to look on the internet, ask a friend – or simply copy someone else’s ideas. In fact, when we allow it we have a deep well of inspiration within us that often is only tapped when trying to help another. We have become accustomed to seeing ourselves in one way and unless challenged we never change that self image.
In our Facebook challenge week I asked 3 questions:

What drains you and why?
What energizes you and why?
What fills your heart with joy?

If you took the time to answer these questions then you already have a fair idea of how and if you inspire yourself and others. If you didn’t, or only answered what drains you, then I guess your energy drain is blocking your ability to feel inspired. There are ways to prevent that so that you can feel uplifted again if you choose.
If you answered what drained and energized and not the last question, then you have an understanding of what you could do to inspire yourself by focussing on what energizes you as a starting point. However if you just took that as information and didn’t look at how to use it then you’re not moving forward at all.
If you answered all 3 then you have a continual source of inspiration – and are also an inspiration for others.

Which one is you?