stepping out of blame

Stepping out of blame

Stepping from blame to community We often underestimate the positive power of negative emotions to get us moving. We tend to deny or hide anything

Lack and its impetus

Lack and its Impetus This month, we’re talking about lack, and its impetus, which may seem a contradiction. It’s often only when we feel something

Aspiration or Goal?

Aspiration or Goal? In February, John spoke about worthiness. And he spoke about aspiration, from the perspective of how aspiration can help us to understand

Stress and how it empowers

Stress and how it can empower Stress can be a killer. It can also empower us when we use it effectively. We all know about

What’s in a smile?

What’s in a smile? What’s in a smile? And why is smiling so important? When we smile, we exercise the muscles on our face, which