Talk is cheap when we speak without truly setting an intent, not intention; when we listen and postpone for when we have more time; when we are thinking about something else even whilst listening to someone else speaking. Finally talk is cheap when we speak of how good we are, or better we are or more, more, more…. than others. When we listen to our own press and not to each other how can we learn and grow? We are two months into a new year. How much of it have you spent listening? Listening to your heart. Listening to the people you love and who love you? To the stranger who offered a comment in passing? To the birds singing in the trees. Our world is getting more and more noisy. It bombards us with sound and we close off. If you want to change how you listen then a good place to begin is with meditation. This teaches you to still your busy mind, to go within and listen on inner levels. In the silence you are then truly able to hear.