aligning to all that IsAligning to All That Is was very much the topic in 2012 when I wrote the following:
Well, here we are finally. 2012 has dawned and we are now at the point of no return if we wish to create a world of unity centred on celebrating our differences not arguing about them. On my travels I meet so many diverse people, from a variety of backgrounds, creeds, colours and faiths. All are wonderful in their own way and yet all very different from each other. It enriches my life and offers opportunities to learn and grow.

There was so much hope and anticipation that we were on the verge of a whole new – and of course! – better world. Aligning to All That Is means realising we are all part of a global community and standing in acceptance not just of self but of others. When we accept ourselves there is no hidden agenda about having to be the best, or most popular. It’s about recognising that we’re all part of the whole, the All That Is, and looking for ways to develop and enhance that connection