how will you begin next year?How will you begin next year? As we come to the end of 2021, I’d like to suggest that you take a moment to stop and look ahead. Not to look back at what’s gone wrong, or why things haven’t been as you would like them to be but to stop and look ahead. Treat this like a vision quest, because it depends on who you are and what kind of energy you have as to how that would work. In my Essential Archetypes system we look at each of the 12 archetypes from the perspective of how it operates and where it assists us.

For example, if you are an initiator, a nurturer, a diplomat or a CEO type of person, then you’re going to want to begin with a different energy next year. You’re going to feel as though you need to look at how you’ve lived your life, from a different perspective. And in doing that, you give yourself the opportunity to become more of who you could be.

A pioneer or an initiator likes new things. So, 2022 gives you the opportunity to go out and see what’s new. What could you innovate, jump on a bandwagon to bring new perspectives, or what could you begin for yourself?

However, the nurturer will be looking at new ways to take care of people. New ideas in self-care or ideas for being more inclusive will spring to mind.

The diplomat is going to look at how to rebalance things, how to bring people together in collaboration. How to bridge the divisions which seem to have opened up in our lives and our world.

Because things haven’t worked in the standard way in this year, the CEO is going to want a new personal and/or business plan. Basically, a new way of living life, a new way of moving forward. What other ways could be brought about?

Which one are you? What is it you want to create for 2022?  Take a moment to stop and look aheadHowever, t