the challenge of clarityLet’s talk about the challenge of clarity. What might it cost us? Over the last 18 months, we’ve all been challenged in one way or another.

Because of what’s happened with the pandemic, we may have been challenged about our beliefs, about our relationships, our career situation, our finances. We may have found ourselves going from a position where we thought we knew where we were, and where we were going into a situation where we felt we had no choice in any of it, and we had to scramble through everything that’s occurring.

The challenge for many, has been at a much more personal level. Who shares my belief? How does it affect my relationships, my career, my finances? As I’ve already said, we have a choice. We always have a choice. And the point of challenge is that we can choose to explore what opportunities the challenge offers, we can choose to resist the challenge and try to continue as we’ve always been, or we can choose to go to sleep and hope that when we raise our heads over the parapet it’s all over.

Challenge asks us to look at where we are, and what we could do differently that might help us grow. For some, it seems as though there is no answer, I’m well aware of that. And yet, I’m also well aware that there’s always an answer, if we’re willing to step out of a box we’ve put ourselves in. When we stand in the integrity of who we are we find the answers we need.

I’m asking you to take a moment to look at how what’s been occurring has challenged you. What’s been the biggest challenge? What has surprised you, that might have been the biggest challenge? How did you address it?

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