Strength and TriumphStrength and Triumph come as a result of meeting life’s challenges and opportunities equally. If we’ve recognised the challenges, and we’ve taken the opportunities, then the clarity with which we began, has already changed. In seeing what we’ve been willing to see, we’ve gained greater clarity about who we are. And in doing so, if we’ve been willing to look, we’ve been able to recognise strengths within ourselves, we didn’t know we possessed.

Opportunities for growth, which in taking them, helped us to see that we were more perhaps than we had previously judged ourselves to be. Knowing that inner strength gives us clarity about who we are, and about what we could do going forward. If we triumph, then those inner strengths become a fact of life.

What do I mean by triumph? Triumph is when we celebrate our victories. When faced with a challenge, we meet the challenge, we recognise the opportunities, we take action, we learn and we grow. That leads to triumph. The pandemic is still happening, the impact of the pandemic is still happening. But if we have looked at who we are, where we are, and how we are, we’re no longer a victim of the situation.

We’re forging our own path, despite the situation.

What do you have to celebrate, that you’ve seen has grown and developed within you, as a consequence of this circumstance? How often do you actually stop and say how well is that? I learned that. I didn’t know I was capable of that. And anchor that acceptance and that knowing through the recognition.