John's Talks Club

Here we offer the talks, or episodes of the talks, for those who missed out initially or for those wishing to renew their acquaintance with them.

Each meeting we will upload the talk for that meeting for those who might wish to purchase it.

John on Foundations

This is the first of John’s series of talks. In this book, John offers a solid foundation to help us to ground ourselves spiritually through understanding who we actually are.

There are 12 talks of approximately 1 hour, plus transcript. Each chapter  includes the audio of John speaking.

Cost $15 NZD

Click here to purchase

John 11. The Heart

In this talk from the Foundations teaching, John talks about the heart and  how we may confuse our emotions for our heart. He offers a beautiful exercise for connection. 

Cost $2.95 NZD. Audio included.

Click here to purchase


10. Discernment

In this talk from Foundations, John speaks about the ability to evaluate and then discern who to be and how to be. We include the audio for you to fully enjoy the experience. 

Cost $2.95 NZD. Click here to purchase

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