This month I began by talking about habits that bind. We asked you to look at what they might be and how to identify those which had the biggest limitation on us. After all, if they bind us then we are often blind to the impact they actually have on our lives and well being.
When we truly wish to change, the easiest method is to listen to the voice within. That doesn’t mean we have to spend 24 hours each day in meditation. It means that we simply learn to listen to our guidance, which is operating all of the time.

Some people call it our gut instinct, others our conscience. Esotericists call it the still small voice within – the quiet knowing that something is beneficial or not. Paying attention is the first step. When we hear or feel something other than our mind or emotions are telling us, when we choose to listen to that and not the urgings of the personality, then we are open to our guidance. The second step is to take action. Often this is where we struggle. Our personalities will try to give us the easy way. The easy way is not necessarily the best way – or even the way to serve our highest good and that of those around us.

It might require us to argue with a given accepted way of being; to stand against something that is intrinsically wrong or selfish; it may simply cause us discomfort. The point is that until we listen and follow guidance that will always teach us habits that empower all, not just ourselves, we are learning knowledge but not gaining wisdom.

It is not always easy to follow the inner voice. However, when we do,it is always for our highest good and that of those around us. We stand in our light then.