Here we share our thoughts and ideas, which we hope you enjoy. 

Balancing Our Flaws

Whatever you see in who you are is part of your makeup for a reason. How can we balance the flaws we see in our nature?

Transforming Anger & Judgement

This month’s challenge is around transforming our anger and our judgement into something more constructive

I Am who I Am

What does Self-Acceptance say? Find out in our Reel this week on our website and also on our social media …

Evaluating Your Acceptance

What roles do you play in your life? And what percentage do you play of each? Discover more with July’s exercise on our website

What’s Your Takeaway For June?

This month we’ve been sharing about stepping out of negative emotions. What’s your takeway from all we’ve offered?

What We Need Is Awareness

What we need is awareness that we can be and feel whatever we choose in any given moment. Enjoy this week’s Reel here.

Negative Emotions And Their Impact

Feeling negative about ourselves, others, the state of the world etc isn’t a choice but it’s often a habit. Listen to our short audio for more