Here we share our thoughts and ideas, which we hope you enjoy. 

Exercise – Finding 3 Steps

In this FREE exercise, take a few moments to consider what might be the stepping stones to take you confidently into 2024

November’s Takeaway

All month we have been sharing about being a positive force in the world. What’s your takeaway from this? Let us know, we’d love to hear.

Being a Positive Force – Carousel

“If you have a chance to help, do it. If you have a chance to reach out, do it.” Enjoy some inspirational quotes on our Carousel this month.

Sharing from a Solid Foundation

Our foundation can make a big difference when we are anchored in our own and connected to others, when we share from a solid foundation.

Our Book of Wisdom

If we’re moving forward to change the world, we have to anchor who we are through our own book of wisdom …

Do You Have A Consistent Path?

Do you have a consistent path? Do you have a rhythm that is automatic that you follow each time there’s a challenge?

Put All Your Tools Together

If you’ve got a path that you’re followng, you’ll put all your tools together to help you to walk that path …

Exercise to Share Universal Energy

Please enjoy our FREE Exercise for November to Share Universal Energy and feel free to come back and work with again throughout the month!

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Inspiration is the Light at the end of the Tunnel. It is for me – how about you? For more on Inspiring Self & Others, visit our website!

Inspiration & Allowing

How do we find our inspiration? We don’t. Allowing is key. Watch our short video for more on Inspiration & Allowing …

October’s Takeaway

Throughout the month we’ve been sharing about inspiring self and others. What’s your takeaway from all that we’ve shared?