Preparing for 2023

December 2022, and the end of another year. This is a good time for us all to be able to step back, take stock, and perhaps think about what we would like to see happen for 2023. A lot of us have undergone some very challenging shifts and changes this year. And that’s without adding the concerns and worries at a global level. However, as we prepare for 2023, I think it’s a good time to also consider how our plans, hopes and dreams might impact what we can achieve within a community or within a country. 

It’s time to set aside our personal biases, and begin to see a bigger picture that we can contribute to, both wisely and well. Does that mean that we don’t have a voice at a personal level? No. 

It means that we look at what our personal hopes and dreams are. 

What is it in particular we would like to achieve for 2023?

What gets in the way of those achievements? 

It also means that we look at where what we are seeking to achieve might enhance the whole or might get in the way of the whole. Are you an individual who is focused on the highest good of all? Or are you an individual that is focused on her own, or his own, journey? 

Community is important when we feel challenged. 

How are we together preparing for 2023 that we might all come through it unscathed?