We’re often told that we need to realize our potential. And yet, for some people it’s a phrase that sounds good but doesn’t necessarily mean a lot.  

What does it mean? What is our potential? Is it what’s possible for us? Is it what’s probableIs it a dream, or is it recognizing what lies within us that we may not be fully aware of, we may not even be aware of at all?   

From that recognition, looking at how we want to develop it, and being open to where it might take us, realizing our potential is about all of it.  

If we take time to look at ourselves through the eyes of acceptance, if we take time to see pieces of ourselves that we may have caught glimpses of, but never fully seen, and to explore those glimpses. Then we have an opportunity to discover something within ourselves that might enhance our lives, might enhance the lives of others. Ultimately, something that will take us to a whole other way of being. And perhaps set us on a path that we’d never even thought of before we’d begun to explore.  

Being willing to look within without criticism, to look at who we are, not what we do wrong, or the mistakes that we make, we have the opportunity to see a potential that criticism prevents us from seeing.  

So, this month is about realizing our potential.  

My question for you is, have you actually ever sat to look at yourself and see what potential you have within you, that will either improve and enhance your journey, or perhaps open up a whole new area of exploration and inspiration.  

Why not give it a try?