We often hear about others being a role model and then evaluated for how good they filled the role. With world events, we all need to be both a role model for others and find our own role models. Trouble is, we tend to have no issue with the former and struggle with the latter. It’s almost as if having a role model makes us less. In fact, both being and having a role model makes us stronger. We belong. 

There is currently so much negative publicity about people, so many judgements about who is right and wrong, that I’d like to talk about role models from a different perspective. I’m talking about those who do this in silence. I recently read about a young woman who has just passed away. The first thing said about her was that she never said a bad word about anyone. It’s a long time since I’ve heard that used. Not a bad epitaph really, is it?  

Being remembered for being kind and accepting and refusing to gossip. 

How would you be remembered as a role model?