The Magical Child

We spend so much time looking at what’s wrong with us, how to fix what’s broken, how to excuse justify, or blame, that we forget that there’s a bigger part of us that isn’t wounded. And that part is what connects us to our guides and teachers, to our intuition. It’s what connects us to All That Is. When we only look at what’s wrong with us, it’s very easy to become depressed. And to believe that what’s the point, nothing’s going to change. 

So this month, I’m talking about the magical child. I’m talking about that part of us that when we were little, saw the wonder in a rainbow, and believed there was a pot of gold at the end of it without having any idea what gold meant. I’m talking about the part of us that can sit and stare at a flower or watch an ant walk along a leaf. The part of us that wonders what’s around us; that’s open to the beauty of the planet on which we live. 

This month, I’m providing an exercise called the magical child and it’s got music to it. Perhaps the music will interest you, perhaps it will irritate you. It all depends on what your perception is, as you step into the space that’s created.

Where’s your magical child?