Have you ever felt so stuck in emotion about something that it felt almost impossible to lift your head above the situation?
It is so easy in the heat of the emotion to get caught up in the feelings that the opportunity to be clear and move seems challenging at best and impossible at worst. Thus you procrastinate.

Conflict seems to bring this one out for many people. They are so afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing that doing anything seems impossible. Perhaps if I wait it might go away. Perhaps if I say something I will make it worse? Perhaps… perhaps. Abusive situations are different and require a different skill set which this article does not address.

Discussion is healthy and allows for many differing opinions to be shared. It allows us all to learn from each other and grow in understanding. Most important it lets us see the significance rather than the appearance of what is occurring. Asking simple questions such as why this is occurring or how someone is feeling enables the door to open and others to be heard.

Asking yourself what is behind the event not just what the event is about also provides opportunity to see clearly and thus act.

Once we are able to do that then we can act without fear or judgment and transmute the energy into something positive and constructive. Transmute means to change something from one state to another. We can transmute the emotion into understanding and grow as a result. This builds bridges and healthy connections from potentially unhealthy emotions.