Last month we spoke about realising our potential. And we went through a process to the stage of organising and planning how to fulfil that potential.   

What comes next? 

Often what comes next is a hiatus, is a pause, is a down time when nothing seems to occur. And there’s a reason for that. It gives us an opportunity to allow the excitement of what we’re realising to settle. It gives us an opportunity to sit in the energy that we’re creating and to test how real it is for us. In other words, when we realised that potential, were we realising our truth, or were we realising an illusion we’re holding about ourselves? It’s important to be able to feel grounded. And if we don’t know the difference between this is my truth, and this is my illusion of my truth, then we could journey a long way down a path that takes us nowhere.  

So how do we know the difference?  

That’s what we’ll explore this month. The first thing, however, is that, if it is our truth, then events will begin to support that truth, and the energy will begin to unfold. If you’ve gone through the stages of realising potential from last month and you’re sitting and nothing’s happening, and perhaps even you’re feeling a little bit flat. That‘s natural. That is part of the process. If you’re sitting there and everything’s suddenly taken off, then you are absolutely anchored to your truth. You’ve opened the door and the energy is flowing.  

So next week we’ll talk a little bit more about this.   

Take this week to ask yourself, have I accessed my truth? Am I holding illusions about my potential?