Are you uncertain of your direction?
Do you hesitate to make choices for fear of making a mistake?
When does getting it right mean you never step forward?

Just like this image of a logjam, when we keep ourselves small, we become stuck and constricted.

When we are doubt our abilities or gifts, when we fear we have nothing to offer, when we tell ourselves we don’t know our direction, then we make ourselves small. Like Alice in Wonderland we drink from the bottle of uncertainty and doubt and shrink. However what are we shrinking to fit? As Maryanne Williamson said, playing small serves no-one. In fact we are then unable to fulfill our soul contracts believing we are insufficient to make a difference in anyone’s life.

When we hesitate to make choices because we cannot see the outcome or guarantee it will be what we want, then we shut Spirit and our guidance out of our lives and that makes us less than we are capable of being. We close off our Soul and Higher Self and miss out on the wonderful experiences they can add to our lives. All because we focus on the needs of our personality and forget our Soul purpose and what it needs from us to be completed.

When we are so focussed on getting it right we limit our journey to what logic says is possible and not what might be possible. This keeps us as limited to the ordinary and we miss out on the extraordinary. Every day ordinary people do extraordinary things because they step out of the need to ‘get it right’ or to ‘not make a mistake’ and simply act on their intuition.

How extraordinary could you be each day if you stopped being small and allowed yourself to grow into all you can be?