Why are you?
Are you grounded or restless?
Do you go with the flow or follow your passion?
Is Spirit guiding your steps?

About 10 months ago I asked What’s Your Why? If you’d like to refresh your memory here’s the link.

In that blog post, we looked at why you live where you do, do what you do and hold the beliefs that you do. This month I’d like to explore a little deeper. I’d like to talk about the elements that are the basis of your make up.
If you are grounded then you have a lot of earth. You’re practical, like to know the steps first and don’t much like surprises. If you’re restless then you are air; you’re always motion one way or another. There are always places to go and people to see.
When you’re going with the flow then you are water; you like to be sociable and inclusive. And of course, if you follow your passion then you are fire. You like to be creative and motivated or motivating others.

When you recognise your central core then it’s easier to be intuitive if you accept it and look at how you can work even more effectively with it. That effective way is through listening to your guidance.
The above are the four elements necessary for business. Earth allows practical success, air brings good communication, water brings connection to others and Fire brings the creative principal, the fire of ideas.
Without Aether it can all become a bind.
Aether is the guidance we receive when we sit in meditation and allow spirit to guide our thoughts and actions. It is in the silence that we meet our Higher Self. There is an old saying. If it’s to be it begins with me. Most people think the me referred to is the personality self. In fact, if it’s to be it begins with Me is about the Higher Self. Without that we are not being we are doing.

Are you Being or Doing?