Working with the Element of Resistance

Insight Teachings June 24 - Blog Image Square - Element of ResistanceResistance plays a big part where Earth is concerned and that’s very true because the Earth energy is about our limitations and our resistances.  As we go through those, the Earth becomes a solid foundation. It will always support us no matter what is happening.  So how do we work with resistance without it sabotaging things?  Well, that’s an interesting question. 

If you work with resistance, will it sabotage? Depends how you go about it. If you try to make yourself do something, then you’re not working with resistance, you’re trying to subdue resistance. Resistance is there because there’s a piece that you don’t yet know that could help things to flow more easily.  So, it’s kind of like the traffic lights. When you’ve got resistance, you’ve got a red light and it’s saying stop, have a look at the bigger picture and see what you’ve perhaps not yet taken into account. When you’ve got hesitation, it’s the orange light. And of course, when everything’s in alignment you’ve got the green light, and you can go.

So how can you use resistance best by asking yourself what it is I still need to uncover, discover or recognise? Then it’s not a judgement, it’s an opportunity to discover more, to step forward.

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