Essential You – Where Personality Meets Soul

What is Insight Teachings?

We provide an opportunity for you to learn about who you truly are, your gifts and your abilities. We look into what holds you back from being all you can be and how to move into being your Essential You – all that you are and have the potential to be.


  • Firstly through our membership site (See the trial offer on this page) where you will find life changing courses and exercises that you can work through in your own time. We offer two pathways – that of the Explorer (for beginners) and the Pioneer (for those already on the path)



  1. We also offer 1:1 programmes for those who wish to develop a spiritual practice, offering services to others.
  • In addition, if you feel you are ready to step forward to help others, particularly in these challenging times, then we have programmes to help you specifically identify what you have to offer and how you might begin.


All of these are in the drop down menu under Essential Archetypes

Change is coming!

The past few months, as with most of you, we have had   some time for reflection. The result is that we will be changing the websites and that the membership site is now being renamed. We are changing the name to Exploring Intuitive Pathways.

Now seems the perfect time to make this change as we are all looking for different pathways. Anita, Orla and Sonia will still be offering their Creating New Together, which supports the membership site by sharing ideas and concepts to explore.

They currently meet twice monthly and stream to Facebook and Youtube so why not join them?