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John the Beloved

Insight Essentials

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John is a wise and loving Being whose sessions with others provide insights and understanding in a non-judgmental manner given with love, compassion and an often delightful sense of humour.

Access to his wisdom is to be found in the All About John section through group sessions and the Guidance from John events. 

Alternatively, you can also connect on Facebook or on Youtube.

If you’re not already a member then his talks are available by monthly subscription here

Tony and I set up Insight Teachings as a place for people to come for mentoring, personal growth and healing. 

For nearly 40 years, we’ve travelled the world teaching and sharing, meeting truly wonderful people along the way.

Our archetypes mentoring programmes are invaluable in understanding who you are and identifying your purpose. You’ll find details in the Insight Essentials section on Know your Purpose, Bridge to Success and Accelerate your Purpose.

We also created the Insight Essentials FB group to enable others to connect and interact with others of like minds.

Exploring Intuitive Pathways

Please note that we no longer own or manage the membership site. This is now the domain of Anita, Orla and Sonia, who are doing a great job.
However, we do work closely together.  If you’d like to join then click here to take advantage of a 7 day free trial to the site.

Monthly Live Discussions


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Change is coming!

The past few months, as with most of you, we have had   some time for reflection. The result is that we will be changing the websites and that the membership site is now being renamed. We are changing the name to Exploring Intuitive Pathways.

Now seems the perfect time to make this change as we are all looking for different pathways. Anita, Orla and Sonia will still be offering their Creating New Together, which supports the membership site by sharing ideas and concepts to explore.

They currently meet twice monthly and stream to Facebook and Youtube so why not join them?

Being in Tune

It seems that life is not going back to how it was and we are all finding different ways of being together and being in tune with the situation.

It doesn’t matter if you believe there’s a virus. The fact is that we are now living with the rules around it and trying to navigate the best we know how.

So, how to keep in tune with our connection and each other? 

We have stopped the FB lives for the moment and are encouraging you all to join the Healing Circle each Thursday evening to send out healing to our planet and receive some for self at the same time.

Come join us and feel the connection we share.