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Insight and the Essential You

Tony and I set up Insight Teachings as a place for people to come for mentoring, personal growth and healing. 

For nearly 40 years, we’ve travelled the world teaching and sharing, meeting truly wonderful people along the way.

Our archetypes mentoring programmes are invaluable in understanding who you are and identifying your purpose. You’ll find details in the Insight Essentials section on Know your Purpose, Bridge to Success and Accelerate your Purpose.


Changes to our social media sharing

We’ve also decided to gradually phase out of Facebook etc. That being so, from January 1st you’ll find all our social media here.

Insight Articles shows our posts.

Media insights show our videos and promos.

Archived shows all the previous posts for thos who wish to revisit any.

We are introducing the Let’s talk FB live meetings next year for those interested in joining us.

John the Beloved

We have decided to move John back to his own site for the time remaining of his work.

He wanted us to combine it all. However, people seemed to be confused by this so if you wish to explore all John has to offer then visit 


We now offer the Evening with John quarterly meeting and the John Talks Club discussion group for those who enjoy chatting and sharing about the materials.

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