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We are offering an opportunity for our mentors to be showcased and are, therefore, delighted to introduce them. Our certification programme is extensive. We’ve trained many people in this work. However there are 8 people who stand out for their ability to understand, assist and guide you to find your own answers. We highly recommend them. They have an almost magical ability to see where any issue has arisen and how to navigate it to a successful outcome. They are clear and focussed in helping you to identify without judgement what limits or restrains you.

Each of our mentors comes from a different walk of life, even different countries, and each brings their own wisdom and skills to the table. We’re looking forward to helping you with any restrictions or limitations you might be experiencing at this time. Contact us for more information on how we can help you.8


Doris Baer

Country/timezone: Hong Kong

Health and well being where I work with your inner alignment. By looking at your health issues in a cohesive way I can work out where any imbalance or disharmony is coming from. I believe that our body has the power and knowledge to heal itself from the inside out – and outside in.


Haresh Manglani

Country/time zone: Bali

As a Mentor, I help people accept themselves and find joy. I hold the space for them to see it for themselves while I intuitively take them through whatever they need that will light their way. I help them understand themselves so they accept more of themselves, warts and all, and encourage them to see more of who they could choose to be. And that helps them break through any barrier or box they have created that might limit them. And brings a sense of joy expansion and fulfilment.

Piya Manglani

Hi, my name is Piya and I’m an accredited mentor of Insight Teachings NZ Ltd.

This unique way of Mentoring is a great way to connect to who we area, more than the physical, to the emotional, the mental and to the part of us that is able to connect to our Spirit.  We all want to live a happy life because our health is good, we have a good relationship with the people in our lives and things are going great.

You could give yourself the gift of living from the perspective of your higher octave, from the essential you

Sonia Sirgue

Hi, my name is Sonia, a mentor, daughter, wife and mother.  I’m certified as a mentor by Insight Teachings NZ Ltd and I’ve also completed the training in Hesitation and Resistance, enabling me to help you defuse your anger and overwhelm. These create resistance to joy and stop you anchoring joy in your energy.

I share simple, practical steps that you can use at any time and I hold you accountable for your journey. 

Thandiwe Folotiya

As a certified mentor, nothing gives me greater satisfaction than watching my clients overcome their indecision and fear as they tap into their inner wisdom to release the natural, easy flow of their lives as their Soul Journey unfolds.

My life experiences have taught me that when we align to our Soul’s Journey, life feels joyful, effortless and authentic.  We are full of energy, we express who we are, we are creative, feel excited about our work, feel secure and feel like we belong. 


Glynis Stevens

Mary Anne Waldren

Sarupa Shah

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