Bridge to Success

  1. Have you ever had a really great idea and no matter how hard you try you can’t make it work?
  2. Does money slip through your fingers no matter what you do to prevent it?
  3. Still looking for the relationship of your dreams and not finding it?


If you answered yes to any of the above then either your archetypes are not cooperating fully with each other. Or, you have a judgment around one or all of them.

Aligning: This programme will help you to bring them fully into alignment. It shows you what role each one plays and how to help them to collaborate.

Accessing: Once there, we work on clarifying your wisdom and your purpose. When this is clear, then you are ready for the final step of

Achieving: your heart’s desire. No matter if that is enjoying exploring your abilities, having a healthy, loving relationship or a career that fills you with joy, you are now ready to live the best life you choose. 

This programme is for those who already know their archetypes and yet find they are still not moving forward fully or wholeheartedly. If you have not yet explored your archetypes through the Essential You – Know your Purpose™ this programme will be a struggle.

Knowing and understanding the archetypes is essential to gain the most from this programme.

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