About Us

As a mentor and certified workplace trainer and assessor with 40 years working in the field of personal development, leadership and mentoring, I’ve  worked with thousands of people to assist their journey.

Tony is both a past life facilitator and time line expert and a remedial massage therapist. His work in the field of healing  is both in depth and profound. His sense of humour empowers his ability to create a safe space for healing to occur. 

Over the years we’ve worked in the US, the UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Japan and our clients are truly world wide.

As a result, we’re able to understand and work with a wide variety of people and customs and to be present to the needs of each individual.

Our Archetypes programmes are truly empowering and inspiring and have helped many over the years. 

Combined with the work Tony does in the field of healing and past life, we offer a comprehensive foundation to all those looking for answers.