I like to think that you already know how phenomenal I’ve found this course to be… 🙂 Just for the record… it’s given me clarity and a depth of understanding I’ve not experienced before which I feel has given me the breakthrough I needed to move forwards. I have a sense that nothing is going to stop me now! My experience of some of the exercises was literally ‘wow’. The material you have created is masterful.


I did the Bridge to Success Course to become a better investor and I enjoyed and benefited from it. By the time I completed the course I felt confident and enthusiastic to step forward. The course provided me the tools to clarify, organize and present my own process to me after doing some soul searching – which is the best way I would describe it. Completing the course gave me a real sense of achievement. Helen is an excellent mentor with deep insight.


When I do your work I get affected on such a high energetic level that I wonder if others experience the same or a similar impact.


How much I am so appreciative of you – been listening to some of the classes from the mentoring and even again I am hearing brand new information and am totally in awe of what you have shared with us and the opportunity you gave us…like woweeeeeeeeee ….


Also, I want to say thankyou (for the 1 millionth time) for offering this course. It was absolutely the most rewarding/challenging, best/worst course ever!!! You would think I am glad that it is over, however, I feel that this course is and never will be over ……… and it’s really just the beginning – OMG!


Who am I ? Why do I, as an individual, look at things so differently from others? What formed my character, helped mold my priorities and continues to influence my judgements? In this 10 week course, Helen gave me the keys that helped me unlock the doors to my inner wisdom and enabled me to better appreciate who I am as an individual, what elements support me and what my challenges are. The archetype course is one more tool to bring me closer to full acceptance of who I am and thus full joy.

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