Are you optimistic about 2019?
What’s your attitude to it?
How could you develop it?

I love the beginning of a year as it offers an opportunity to put things into perspective. I’m always optimistic that each year builds positively on the last and can only improve. Am I Pollyanna? Not at all. However, I believe our attitude shapes our experience. If we expect the worst, it usually happens! Therefore how I step into the year, the way I feel and think about it, makes a big difference to what I experience.

I always create a Thought for the Year. It becomes an affirmation at any time my energy might need a boost, or a balance. After all, sometimes we can be too much! I keep that affirmation simple and clear. Not something I want to achieve but an acknowledgement of where I am – or a question that inspires me to lift my game.

I make a point of being glass half full. No matter the challenge, I look for where there is an opportunity to use it to learn or to help others. Life happens to us so why not focus on the enjoyment of it as much as possible. We cannot escape sad things occurring to us. How we stand up within that energy will either support us or pull us down.

Finally, I adapted an old saying. Never ask what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country? I begin my day with a meditation and ask to be shown how I can serve others better. This is not about how many jobs I take on or working long hours. It’s about my attitude to serving and working with others. How can I make it as pleasurable as possible for both of us?

What can you create?