A little while ago I asked this question of my Facebook audience. It was interesting that people seemed to feel they were all not one.
We are all one or the other at heart although that might change from day to day based on how we are feeling. Despite that when the chips are down we will consistently react or respond with the same energy.
The trouble is that if we don’t know which we are at heart life and decision making can become complicated, to say nothing of the confusion it creates around our purpose.

Mountain people stand proud and are very grounded. They know who they are. They have no problem being seen and life, like the weather, seems to roll over them. Yes, they may lose a little ground now and then as it rolls down the hill – and some unlucky person below may be affected – yet overall they are solid and secure.

Forest people have lots growth and life. There is usually a variety of flora and fauna which left to itself may even become unruly. These people like lots of variety yet there is also lots going on beneath the surface, which they may not be aware of at times. Despite that, no matter the weather, they too will survive. What is destroyed they will regrow – and often with more clarity.

Beach people seem to have it all. They have space to be seen, the sun shining on them and plenty to play with. Beach people seem to breeze through life. They are happy and playful and may even seem to skim the surface. However, when the storm blows in they hunker down until it’s over and then look at how their landscape has been affected and how to live within it.

What if you don’t like to be seen, dislike variety and take life too seriously to play all the time? In other words what if none of the above apply to you? Then you are unclear about who you are, what your purpose is and what lies at the heart of your being. In the next couple of posts I’ll talk about this a little more deeply.