In this final piece around being Awake, Alert and Aware of your strengths and gifts, let’s look at where it has taken us. Hopefully you are now much clearer about what you have to offer to others – and yourself. Once identified and understood then living your purpose takes two things. It takes courage and commitment.

It’s easy to meditate and feel you are living your purpose. You are because whether we cooperate consciously with it or not that is the truth. However, living it consciously takes it to a whole other level. To do that we need courage to keep going when times are tough and commitment that no matter what, this is what we are here to do and we’re going to just do it. In fact, one of the best gifts President Obama gave the world was the slogan “Yes We Can!” When we claim our strengths and use them then we can achieve anything. It means that we stop telling ourselves how small we are and focus on how much we are.

The image here shows a beautiful scene that is clean and clear. It also shows boundaries between sections of the land, clearly defined areas that contribute to the whole. We need those areas. It shows that someone has worked the land and taken care with it. That comes from a commitment to being present to all that is necessary to fulfill the role. I spoke earlier about being ill and how I used my energy to help myself. I also said that understanding what and why came after recovery. When I was able to meditate I asked what this had been about. I was shown that blood represents joy and that because I had forgotten my joy, my blood became slower and stickier until finally it began to clot. Once I began to find and live my joy in being me, life improved and I fully recovered.

However, the actual commitment came after i created that same health scare two more times. That’s when I finally not only accepted the message but committed to living it daily. I no longer have health issues and my commitment to my work has never been clearer. This month reminded me too of why I am who I am and why I do what I do. What about you?