Are you challenged to be all you can be?
Do you avoid doing anything that makes you uncomfortable?
Do you operate based on what is easy for you – or do you look for challenges as growth opportunities?

Last week I spoke about the house of doubt and how it blinds us to who we truly are and therefore prevents us living our purpose.
This week I am asking you to look at whether this house of doubt actually took you further out on a limb. Because you invested so much into it, have you stopped reaching for the next level within? What inspires you to reach for more? When you achieve something do you integrate it or dismiss it?

Negative ego is addictive. It gives us an excuse to stay in our comfort zone. It ensures that we never fail. It keeps us safe. in fact, it’s so addictive that we often don’t see the danger until it is too late. The danger is that we stop living outside of the box of inadequacy that we have accepted as our truth. We stop reaching for the stars. We stop testing ourselves to find how much more we can accomplish. We see challenges as something to avoid and thus lose the opportunity that every challenge contains.

How often do you take a chance on you? How often do you celebrate all you are?