Recently we facilitated a retreat in Brittany, France. It was a wonderful time for us all and we enjoyed plenty of good food, excellent wine – and a trip to medieval times in the rich costumes we wore.

Returning home feeling very happy with life we found we had been upgraded from business to first class. We had not asked for this, or tried to use points to make it happen. It came to us freely. We did not sit and meditate on gratitude as that implies we are somehow less.

We simply said thank you for this gift, our life and the people in it and celebrated the experience.

When we are at ease with self and comfortable with our world spontaneous acts of magic occur. They are there to remind us that we live a life of plenty. Such moments also come back to us when we feel we are in lack as prompts to again enjoy who we are.

Are you enjoying your life? Do you experience such spontaneous acts of magic and celebrate them?