Last week we asked where your centre is and how to tell what you were choosing.

This week we are looking at procrastination. Are you always standing facing the amber light and never the green light? Do you have lots that you wish to achieve and yet time seems to pass and nothing is completed. Over the past year the energy has been very disconcerting as we move from one state of being to another. If you thought you were clear and now find you are hesitating then it’s time to look at what you might do to change this.

When we procrastinate or hesitate our soul is trying to give us a message. There is something about whatever we are planning that is not quite aligned. That being so, that step doesn’t occur. Taking a few minutes to connect within to ask what that might be can make the difference between waiting, sometimes for months, or stepping forward. However, what if you are a chronic procrastinator?

This is about lack of confidence or trust in self, which has become a pattern. To change that you need to be willing to work on understanding who you are, strengths and foundation, not fears or judgments. Taking time to work on yourself through understanding what really makes you tick might take you a while to achieve and yet in the long run will save you months, if not years, of wasted time.

We all have things which get in our way. If we are wise then we look at what is behind it, address it and move on. If we don’t then we are simply consigning ourselves to a life of wasted opportunities. I know which I prefer. What about you?